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elementary Division

Age 6+


Gymnastics 6+

INTRO is a 90 minute class for athletes age six and older providing an introduction to gymnastics for girls. Students will work on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. Its purpose is to teach the basic skills, technique and terminology to new students. This class gives a strong foundation of gymnastics that will set them up for success while having fun.

LEVEL 1 is offered to all students ages 6+ that graduate from the Intro level. This class will review skills that were taught in the Intro level and will introduce new and exciting skills. This class emphasizes drills and progressions that will help students succeed as an all around gymnast.

LEVEL 2 is our intermediate level offered to students ages 6-18 that graduated from Level 1. Students are introduced to more advanced and challenging skills.

LEVEL 3 class is one of our advanced classes offered to students 6+ that graduated from Level 2. This class works on compulsory level and TeamGym skills. Students will be introduced to the idea of Artistic and group gymnastics. 

LEVELS 4-6 are for students ages 6+. Advanced skills are taught using USA Gymnastics guidelines. Students do not need to be a part of a team to be in these classes. Students will work on advancing their skills in a non-competition setting.

Boys Gym is a 90 minute class for beginner male gymnasts to learn about the sport. They will jump and tumble on the trampolines and floor while also exploring more classic men's events such as vault, high bar, parallel bars, and pommel horse. Boys gym also has a focus on strength and conditioning to prepare young athletes for the future. 

Dance 6+


Break Dance/Hip Hop: Join coach Daniel for breakdance and hip hop. This class is an athletic style of street dance. Our classes consist of four kinds of movement including toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. These classes are high energy and set to hip hop, funk, and breakbeat music. Students will learn new skills, terminology, creative expressions, and free styling. 

Hip Hop Step: Dancers will learn shuffling, popping and power stepping. Dancers will gain confidence, learn self expression and explore new choreography. This upbeat class is great for dancers who enjoy current movement and want to adventure into the world of free styling. 

Ballet & Tap: This class dives deeper into the skills and terminology used in Petite Dance. The dancers will gain a larger vocabulary along with learning new and more challenging choreography. 

Jazz/Contemporary: This is an amazing fusion class where dancers will learn the fundamentals of both jazz and contemporary styles. The instructor will combine the the structure of jazz with the self-expression of contemporary. Choreography features pieces from both styles. 

Jazz/Hip Hop: This combo class give dancers the best of both worlds. They will learn the building blocks of of jazz and hip hop. They'll learn the fun expressions of jazz along with the funkiness of hip hop. Choreography includes upbeat music and selection in both styles.

Jazz/Theater: Dancers will explore the magical world of theater! Technique will include jazz squares, chains, pivot turns and jazz walks. Performance is the focus in this engaging class of theater and jazz. 


Ninjazone 6+

NinjaZone is a 60 minute class for boys and girls ages 6-11. In Level White Athletes will learn training for fundamental body movement. Basic skills will include Ninja rolling for safety, back flip progressions, basic vaulting, wall & bar progressions, basic kicking & punching technique, and development of core strength and speed. Safety techniques for falling, landing and transitioning ares strongly emphasized as well as instructor assisted learning. Level Yellow will build on skills from Level White while adding new progressions. 



Tumbling classes are 60 minutes using floor, trampoline, Tumbl Trak, and Air Track.  These classes are divided into levels based on skill with graduates moving to the next class. Gymnasts start in Basic and progress to Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite. This gives students the opportunity to perfect their current skills and stay challenged. No prior experience needed for Basic Tumbling.  



Our cheer classes are 60-90 minutes and work on a variety of skills including group stunting, tumbling, cheer motions, flexibility and jumps. These classes are a great preparation for cheer tryouts.  

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